Baguio City or as many people labels it as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” visits and enjoy the picturesque view, relax or simply go because of the unique cold climate which is extraordinary in the Philippines. Remarkably, Baguio City’s temperature is several degrees colder than other places in the Philippines although it is not too cold nor too hot. Likewise, Baguio City is increasing its popularity for studying, more and more students from all over the world gather to improve their English. Yet we cannot deny the fact that few students would get quite sick due to the different weather climate that they are used to or unluckily get into minor accidents. Hence, BESA cares for all the students and future students of Baguio City and studied the best places for the students to go and get treated. For that, BESA has narrowed and listed down the top Hospitals that will give considerable amount of care.

Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center
BGHMC Cmpd., Baguio City
Public Medical Institution
Contact No.: (074) 442-3165, (075) 443-8342 (F)

(Photo Credits to BGHMC)

Saint Louis University – Hospital of the Sacred Heart
Assumption Rd., Baguio City
Private Medical Institution
Contact No. (074) 442 5700

Inspire and Unite
(Photo Credits to Inspire and Unite)

Notre Dame de Chartres Hospital
25 Main Building, General Luna Rd., Baguio City
Private Medical Institution
Contact No. (074) 619 8530

(Photo Credits to NDCH)

Pines City Doctor’s Hospital
Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City
Private Medical Institution
Contact No. (074) 445 3020

(Photo Credits to PCDH)

Baguio Medical Center
Kennon Rd., Baguio City
Private Medical Institution
Contact No. (074) 304 3873

Baguio Today
(Photo Credits to Baguio Today)

We value our students’ medical needs in times where they need assistance for treatment and worry no more since Baguio has its best hospitals around for our students that offer excellent medical assistance programs. BESA cares!!