“Oral health is essential for your general well being: not only does a healthy mouth enable good nutrition but it can also indicate if there’s something wrong elsewhere”as said by the Portman Dental Care.

What does dental health care mean to you? Those with routine dental checkups may view it as way of maintaining good oral health, but there are others that only consider it as an emergency situation. Anyways, it is viewed different ways, depending on the situation but it’s main purpose is to optimize oral care.

BESA is here to help!  For our future students who are going to have their oral health be checked, want to correct the appearance and function of their teeth or with the majority of dental problems which involve tooth decay, missing, loose or impacted, as well as chips or cracks.
To help our dear students for their oral health care, BESA has narrowed and listed down some since there are a lot of dental clinics here in Baguio. We hope this helps!

The list of Clinics

“A smile is the universal welcome” – Max Eastman
BESA Cares!