There are many reasons to visit the country because, as they say, it’s more fun in the Philippines; with many natural wonders found in the 7,641 of its islands and many exotic food to eat. According to recent statistics, the increase of international travel to our country is due to the influx of the population who visit for Educational purposes this is a great opportunity for the Philippines that is why they have created facilities to accommodate this purpose.

Majority of foreigners traveling to our country for English education used to be Koreans and Japanese, now more Asian countries have opened their doors to the Philippines as a venue for English education due to its proximity and affordability. Now an agency from Thailand is interested in partaking the ESL journey with the Philippines;

Mango Learning Express is one of the leading international educational consultancies in Thailand representing over 50 world premier Language Institutes and Universities in the UK, and recently they have set their sights on the Philippines for a partnership in coordination with the Department of Tourism in the Philippines

An inspection of local schools assisted by DOT representative Marissa A. Masangkay was conducted in Clark, Subic and Baguio City from September 9 to the 15th of 2019. With representatives of Mango namely; Krittaya Ouipanich, Preeyaporn Sinchalong surveying each schools and examining its facilities and offers.

BESA representatives assisted with the familiarization tour for the agents as they visited accredited Schools in BESA as well as tourists spots in Baguio. The tour involved Miss Krittaya Ouipanich interviewing teachers, owners and students in their respective schools and Miss Preeyaporn Sinchalon documenting the whole event or as most people would call; “vlogging”. They would let participants answer questions and would later let them try products from Thailand with their review to put a quirky spin to a mundane intervention.

The two enjoyed their stay in Baguio as they explored Landmarks of the City of Pines, dined in different restaurants and took advantage of cheap merchandise found in Night Market before departing back to their country. We are in high hopes that this encounter will open new doors for not only schools under BESA, but also the development and network of ESL Schools in the Philippines