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Makino Ryohei’s Intensive ESL Course Review

Macky shares his heart-warming review on Pines’ Intensive ESL course that has initially improved his English Skills. Hello. My name is Makino Ryohei a.k.a “Mackey”. Actually, Mackey was taken from my family name, Makino. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. I’m studying English because I want to work in an international trading company. The truth is, my grandfather has a

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Weekend Trip: Experiencing the Wonders of Hundred Islands

Monol’s weekend trip coincides with the Philippines three-day weekend because of public holidays! So for Sunday, August 25, 2019, the students enjoyed a day trip to Hundred Islands National Park located in Alaminos, Pangasinan for Monol’s regular weekend travels. We departed early in the morning around 6:00 AM using the school’s shuttle bus. In total, there were 28 students who

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A&J e-EduDC’s Amazing Night Classes

Article by: Anthony Li My name is Anthony Li from China; I am current studying Power ESL here at A&J e-EduDC Academy. Learning English has always been a challenge, especially if you cannot express yourself and share your thoughts with other people. When I first came here in the Philippines I felt scared and nervous because I did not have

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“Return Back to CNS2 Academy Again”

Student Profile: Name: Wony from Korea Q. Please, introduce yourself. A. I am a 21-year-old student who has lived in Baguio for almost two years. I have been to many academies and studied IELTS. Q. Why did you start to study IELTS? A. My mother recommended me to immigrate in Canada after entering University in Canada, so right after I

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Preparing for Overseas Jobs through MONOL’s Business English Courses

In this term, I changed from the ESL program to the Business English program Post-Employment course. I would like to talk about the changes in my class. First, in the post-employment course, the students are taught under the assumption that they are professionals in a work environment. We have four classes which are Business Reading, Business Communication, Business Speaking, and

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