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Learn English in the Philippines: First impression on Pines

The thought of studying English in the Philippines excites every foreign learner. However, this is just a start of a wonderful story. Choosing the best school that suits one’s future goals is also vital. We have interviewed 3 students about their Pines Academy initial impression and why coming here supports their goals. Mr.Kashinoura Akito I have several reasons why I

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Makino Ryohei’s Intensive ESL Course Review

Macky shares his heart-warming review on Pines’ Intensive ESL course that has initially improved his English Skills. Hello. My name is Makino Ryohei a.k.a “Mackey”. Actually, Mackey was taken from my family name, Makino. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. I’m studying English because I want to work in an international trading company. The truth is, my grandfather has a

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Study English Abroad: Pines Option Class Review

How effective are electives or option classes for students who study English? How long should students study English in a day?   Pines believes it is unending, it is not measured by how many hours students study but how often they put into practice the English lessons they learn every day. Students who study English sometimes do not have the

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Study English in the Philippines: Yoshimura Yuya’s Tips on Improving One’s English Skills

Pines Students are provided with English learning experiences that make them more confident and engaged in the real world. Level 8 student, Yoshimura Yuya proved this through his public presentation. His topic is about improving one’s English Skills. Learner’s Background and Nationality According to Yuya, there are a lot of ways to improve one’s English Skills, but there are some challenges that

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Shin Dong Uk’s Pines Intensive Speaking (Intensive ESL) Experience.

  My name is Shin Dong Uk, and I’m from Korea. Before coming to Pines, I was anxious with my over-all English development. I started to acquire information about studying English in the Philippines, and I found out that Baguio City has a temperate climate which every English learner prefers. Pines International Academy got my attention because it has a

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Study English in the Philippines Baguio | Chihiro’s Power EFL Course Insights

Study English in the Philippines Baguio | Chihiro’s Power EFL Course Insights Pines Academy provides maximum opportunities for students to use authentic English in speaking, listening, reading and writing through its popular “Power EFL” course. We had an interview with Ms.Yoshida Chihiro who is taking Power EFL course in Pines Main Campus.  Check out her insights and experiences during her study period.

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