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Preparing for Overseas Jobs through MONOL’s Business English Courses

In this term, I changed from the ESL program to the Business English program Post-Employment course. I would like to talk about the changes in my class. First, in the post-employment course, the students are taught under the assumption that they are professionals in a work environment. We have four classes which are Business Reading, Business Communication, Business Speaking, and

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Study English in the Philippines:It is never too late to pursue your dreams

  About CNSⅡ Q. Please, introduce yourself. A: My name is Johnny from China. I have learned IELTS before studying English in the Philippines.   Q: Why did you start to study IELTS? A: I need to get a target score before I go to England for my master’s degree. . Learning IELTS at the same time can improve my

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Study English in the Philippines : experience about WALES

Student information: – Name: Maria – Nationality: Vietnamese – Program: ESL-IELTS – Duration: 8 weeks   Today, I’ll spend some times to write about my experience about WALES-school that I’ve been studying English (1 term ESL & 1 term IELTS) For ESL, the first thing that I’m satisfied is school has entrance test then I got in the class has

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Diva’s A&J e-EduDC Academy Experience

Diva’s A&J e-EduDC Academy Experience   My name is Diva and I am currently enrolled in The IELTS guarantee program of A&J e-EduDC Academy. Let me tell you about my experience when I first came to the Philippines to study English. Like most second language learners I was hesitant and had no confidence to communicate with foreigners as well as

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