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New Students in TALK Academy

19 new students enrolled in TALK Academy this week. Before starting formal classes they underwent a placement test. This test aims to know a student’s level to place them in the most suitable classes. The test covers different subjects such as grammar, pattern, listening, writing, etc. Placement test consists of series of written tests, oral interviews and other forms of

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How to choose a course suitable for you by Chung

Today, I want to share information about my course in Monol under the POST-ESL course which is Business English. Business English is divided into three parts: first is the pre-employment course, second is post-employment, and the last one is the flight attendant training course. I will introduce the features and differences of those three courses. First, the pre-employment course is

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Student Testimonies of Kim Ji Hoon “JEFF”

I arrived approximately 3 months ago. When I came here, my English skills were terrible. Because I stop studying English a long time ago. Furthermore, I didn’t have confidence but I can’t give up. I need good English skills for my dream. English consists of many subjects. Naturally, the whole subject is very important. However, I think, listening is the

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