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Be a hard-working person when you come to CNS2

The morning test becomes a traditional subject in CNS2, it helps students not only improve their listening skills but also boost them to become a hard-working person. 7:20 am every morning, from Monday to Friday, students need to attend the morning test which is a listening test. Even though they just spend around 5 minutes to listen to one session,

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A Spooktacular Night at A&J e-EduDC Academy’s Halloween Event

Students and Teachers dressed up as their favorite scary monsters and Cosplay characters during A&J e-EduDC Academy’s Halloween Party. This year’s event showcased the creativity and ingenuity of the Academy’s staff and students as most of the costumes were handmade and constructed from recycled materials. The Academy premises were also designed to give a scary ambience as scary ghouls, coffins

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A&J e-EduDC Academy celebrates World Teachers Day

World Teachers’ Day is a global event commemorated by more than 100 countries around the world. This occasion provides an opportunity to celebrate the teaching profession not only locally but worldwide.  As an Educational Institution A&J e-EduDC  Academy took part in in this yearly event to honor and recognize the contributions of its hardworking educators and employees. As the School

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Pines Academy Teachers’ Winning In-House Training Upgrade

Pines Academy has made an 18-year significant mark in the ESL industry. As it continues stability in the industry, it is finding more ways to stay on top of the game not just for its students but also for its aspiring English teachers. In line with this, the Human Resources Team will hold a training upgrade effective on October 28. It is inspired

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Monol celebrates Halloween in Pajamas: Spookified Slumber Party

This might just be the comfiest Halloween party ever in the academy! This year’s Halloween theme centers on a Spooky Slumber party which means wearing jammies to school! On October 24, Monol students, staff, and teachers were dressed in comfortable onesies and pajamas for their Halloween costumes. For a touch of spookiness, others brought with them creepy accessories and added

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WALES Program Manual

WALES has updated their curriculum to suit the needs of their students. WALES envisions to be the center of language excellence for different nationalities by providing them communicative competence necessary in their global interaction. WALES is one of the pioneer ESL schools in Baguio City and continues to improve its assets and curriculums to facilitate the rapid growth of ESL

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