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A&J Academy brought colors to their learning environment

A&J Academy brought colors to their learning environment “Appropriate color design is important in protecting eyesight, in creating surroundings that are conducive to studying, and in promoting physical and mental health.” International Association of Color Consultants – North America (IACC-NA). Last January, A&J started minimal renovations on their school facilities: their lounge area, kubo area and gym area by repainting

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A&J partners up with HANDS Aesthetics

The sprawling of massage, facial and beauty spa in Baguio city has been going on for years. It has become a must for working people and even students to relieve their stress through a very relaxing massage experience. The traditional massage has been preserved since it is known as the most relaxing and effective massage technique. The spa shop also

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A&J brings salad bars to the Academy Cafeteria

“CORDILLERA’S agricultural sector, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), is still the top producer of highland vegetables,” (Larry Fabian, Sun Star Newspaper 2017) In addition to this article, Fabian also mentioned that in the entire Cordillera region, Benguet is still the leader in producing cabbage, carrots and white potato with 86.8 percent, 92.8 percent and 88.5 percent production, respectively,

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