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Night Owls English Marathon

Link: “Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” –Diane Ackerman Having fun is always a recommendation when learning a language. Pines- Evening Study Program teachers always make an effort to incorporate fun in studying English. The more fun the learning is, the more motivated the students will be. On the previously held Night Owls English Marathon Contest, there

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Pines Students Bloomed in February’s Night Owls Night

Link: March 4, 2019 Pines students showcased their talents, and the outstanding learners were recognized during the Night Owl’s Night. The gathering emerged with Flower Festival themed party. Students bloomed like flowers and showed that they were at their best as English learners. With the new level of confidence, they were able to interact with other people during the

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Pines Shared its Academy Updates in the Japanese Fam Tour Event

February 14, 2019 23 Japanese Agents attended the annual Fam tour sponsored by Baguio English Schools Association (BESA). Pines International Academy took the opportunity to provide a first-hand experience of premium English learning to its agency partners on this significant gathering. Pines also introduced its newest innovation for language learning to the Japanese agency partners. The Common European Framework of

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Study English in Baguio: Pines Academy Participated DOT Sponsored Taiwanese Fam Tour

Studying English in Baguio Pines is interesting as the English language institute has broadened ties with various Taiwanese agencies that are promoting English learning and tour in the Philippines. The familiarization tour (fam tour) took place on January 24. Sponsored by Department of Tourism (DOT) , 8 Taiwanese agencies participated in the fam tour. Pines International Academy is one of the English Institutions that was visited

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PINES – Intermediate Students exhibited confidence on the second PIA speech session

Intermediate students attended the second Passion in Action speech session. A total of 13 intermediate students attended the event with the aim of sharing their ideas in front of a new set of audiences. The task is more detailed this time as the students need to introduce themselves and elevate the quality of their speech after 15-second preparation time and

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