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WALES Program Manual

WALES has updated their curriculum to suit the needs of their students. WALES envisions to be the center of language excellence for different nationalities by providing them communicative competence necessary in their global interaction. WALES is one of the pioneer ESL schools in Baguio City and continues to improve its assets and curriculums to facilitate the rapid growth of ESL

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WALES catering to TOEIC Students

WALES provides TOEIC package plans for who not only want to improve TOEIC score but also improve another English skill. AIM: Help students increase their TOEIC scores Goals: to attain the aim, the following are the objectives: To familiarize students with the specific areas of TOEIC To train and let them practice regularly To enhance their analytical skill for each

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We had “team-building activities for teachers and admin staffs” on April 6 2019

  Purpose:It inspires teachers and admin staffs to communicate more with each others through games and activities. We can see each individuals’ personality also leadership skills. Also benefits for if they rarely talk to each others unless meeting for end term’s activities, they can discover that they enjoy interaction and bond with different teachers when they are working. For teachers

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Real-Talk ESL

◇ WHY did we make this program?  The Philippines is famous for 1:1 classes but there are also demerits because it’s difficult to see the improvement. ・Broken-English can even make sense because teachers already get used to all countries’ pronunciation and accent. ・I’m not sure if I will use what I’m learning now… ・Improvement is not so visible than I

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