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Monol’s Pizza Penalty Party with New Term 186A Students

Monol academy is always happy to welcome new and eager English learners! Near the end of March, new students of term 186A are getting themselves settled into the academy. This term’s batch is a mix of different nationalities from Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. For the summer season, the school’s schedule is jam-packed.     As of

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Fam Tour 2019: JP, KR, TW Agencies Visit Monol in February

In a span of 3 weeks, three agencies of different nationalities have made their way into the Monol campus. The Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese agencies all had the opportunity to explore the different facilities and amenities of the academy. These school tours, usually called familiarization tours, happen annually. Moreover, the Baguio English Schools Association (BESA) spearheads this event. In regards

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Taiwanese Kids Get a Mini-Graduation Party

Feb 1 – The Taiwanese kids who traveled into the Philippines for Winter Camp Study graduated in Monol. A mini-graduation party was held for them to receive their certificates for finishing their English courses. Aside from bestowing the certificates, a brief program also took place where students read heartfelt thank-you letters and leave-taking notes. Some students performed; and one of

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Taiwanese Agents Drops by in Monol Campus

January 25 – Taiwanese agents travel to the Philippines and visit Monol as part of the Familiarization Tour 2019 – Baguio. The Familiarization Tour is an annual event of Baguio English Schools Association (BESA). Particularly, it exhibits the courses and services of its 10 affiliates and usually accommodates each nationality. Four Fam Tours take place throughout the year, serving the agencies from Japanese,

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A Day of Imagination, Creativity, and Magic at RSCC

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” — Booker T. Washington Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) is an institution in the Cordillera Administrative Region that takes care of the abandoned, neglected and/or surrendered children 0-6 years of age. These children never fail to touch our hearts, and Monol, as an established international English

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