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Baguio: A City of Honest and Sincere Taxi Drivers

You can find the most honest cabbies in Baguio City.

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A Safe City

Baguio is recognized as one of the safest places in the country with low crime rates. Measures for public order and safety are not only implemented by the city government or police forces in Baguio City. With the help of the barangays (the smallest political unit in cities and municipalities) and its officials, public safety and welfare are guaranteed. Furthermore,

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The City of Baguio has many names

Baguio City has interesting landscapes and weather that stays away from what the tropical country is known for. Instead of flatlands and beautiful beaches, it is comprised of mountains that create a stunning view from afar. It is situated in the southwest portion of the Cordillera Central mountain range in northern Luzon and is 1,524 meters high. The high elevation

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A Creative City

On October 2017, Baguio was chosen as one of the 64 Creative Cities around the world. Apart from being a classic tourist destination because of its cool climate, Baguio has indeed always attracted art enthusiasts due to the preserved culture of the Cordillera, particularly on the field of crafts and folk arts. Here are some museums and art havens in

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A Pioneer in the ESL Industry

During the late 90s, Baguio opened its arms once more to a new wave of students, this time, from overseas, for English. Before the proliferation of what are popularly known as “ESL Academies”, English was more commonly taught in the prominent universities in Manila. The main students of these English courses then were missionaries from South Korea. However, teaching the

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