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There’s something magical about this school’s name and you should know it

Situated in the quiet Tacay road was a comely, little school. In the middle of the fog that kisses the ground, it stands with a mystifying aura. No witchcraft can be found in there, but Keunmoon English School certainly has magic. Started in 2011, KES is officially recognized by The Immigration Bureau (BID) under the Philippine government and authorized by TESDA

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Your parents teach you to live, but your teachers help you to live well.  This is true at some point because teachers are the ones who develop us and realize in ourselves which path we wanted to take in facing life. If you are part of our BESA Schools, You’ll get to know that our teachers are cool. Many have been teaching

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Hotspot for learning English

Since the start of the new millennium, Baguio has been populated with what ESL learners would call “English academies” – a term brought about by the boom of the trend of studying English. According to the Bureau of Immigration (BI), the ESL industry prospered too fast that from 50 individuals from HELP’s vacation camp, foreign students reached to an outstanding

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