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The greatest pride of CNSII is that we are the first IELTS institute in the Philippines. For more than 12 years, CNSII has only focused on IELTS, so we can offer professional educational services. Indeed, CNSII has made students achieve their goal score with countless times.

More importantly, our qualified teachers in CNSII are the most competitive advantage. Before becoming a part of our school, they have to encounter the strict recruitment process given by the management and the head teacher. If they fail to meet our requirements, they are not given the chance in CNSII.

More to the point, CNSII chose a Sparta teaching model to set up a serious but supportive environment for our students, in which they can easily get into the studious mindset. Students have to take a weekly test every Friday which is customized for each of them based on their levels at that time. Hence, Students in CNSII have more intense focus on their study and are not affected by distractions. We hope to be the best partner to make your dream come true.


The ESL program is suitable for those with a rudimentary English ability or students who want to concentrate more on speaking without limiting their exam. It also has a conversational speaking lesson that enables students to have a natural conversation. On top of that, from 3rd week, students will take the weekly test for Speaking, Dictation and Writing.

The PRE-IELTS program is initially focused on improving the student’s basic English skills such as vocabulary, spoken and written skills for better English communication. It also involves Dictation classes which targets to improve the listening skills of the learner. After two weeks (after the first weekly test is administered), IELTS is introduced. Teachers make students more familiar with IELTS. Basic IELTS skills plus strategies are taught to make sure learners are equipped well before entering the IELTS program.

The IELTS program is designed for those who have gained familiarity from the Pre-IELTS course or for those who have studied and/or taken the official IELTS test previously. It is a more intensive training compared to the PRE-IELTS course. The curriculum includes IELTS Reading and the rest of the IELTS subtests. Specific skills for the four subtests are taught. A weekly test is given to students to gauge their improvement through their scores. Aside from weekly tests, mock tests are given, making the student’s academic momentum continuous.

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Facilities and Services
Dormitory Room (Triple, Double(Single)), Conference Room, Group class room, 1:1 Class room, Dining Hall, Listening Room, Wifi Zone, Library

General Information

City light Tower 3rd Floor, Bonifacio St., Baguio City
Student Demographics:
Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Vietnamese

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