School News


On August 3, 2019, 13th anniversary  of CNS2 was held in Newtown Plaza Hotel. This event represents the evolution of CNS2 over 13 years.

In anniversary, teachers, students and managers attended and celebrated the anniversary together. We had dinner which was provided by Newtown Plaza Hotel, enjoyed performances by teachers and staff at CNS2, and received gifts from school. All of that brought everyone closer than ever.

CNS2 is the first school dedicated to IELTS, and CNS2 is well known to students in Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan and Taiwan as well as the region.

CNS2 English school set the theme of SURVIVAL means: Let the students live in CNS2 during their study with the most efforts to learn English with determination, SURVIVAL meaning is not that much stronger than others, but is able to adhere to the last is the winner. Victory belongs to those who can be in the strict school rules and courses. So, there is no ranking in the CNS2, all students can become the first. Students studying in CNS2 are very hardworking.

CNS2 is meaning of Choice and Success. Since long time ago, students choose CNS2 since they want to change their future. Coming to CNS2, they can challenge themselves not only their knowledge, but also their tolerance with extreme environment as CNS2. After all, they can prepare for their future and catch the success.