School News


Students and Teachers dressed up as their favorite scary monsters and Cosplay characters during A&J e-EduDC Academy’s Halloween Party. This year’s event showcased the creativity and ingenuity of the Academy’s staff and students as most of the costumes were handmade and constructed from recycled materials. The Academy premises were also designed to give a scary ambience as scary ghouls, coffins and dead bodies gave an authentic horror feel.

Students who experienced their first ever Halloween Party were thrilled to dress up in their own self-made costumes inspired by scary characters from their respective countries. Some teachers in the spirit of fun and entertainment parodied famous characters such as the Little Mermaid and Dora the Explorer.

Cash prizes and special awards were given to participants, whose costumes exhibited great creativity and had an astounding visual impact. The food was also a fest for the taste buds, as the aroma of grilled barbeque from the garden area filled the air. The Academy also prepared and served culinary dishes usually found in expensive restaurants and hotels.

The accomplishments of the said activity was not solely in wearing costumes and winning prizes but was manifested when students from different countries came together, interacted with each other, gained new friends, made genuine connections and most of all, used the English language they worked so hard to learn in a foreign country to communicate with their peers and other people.

A&J e-EduDC Academy strives not only to provide a classroom environment for learning but also an avenue for students to unwind and use what they learned in their classes to build relationships and opportunities to better improve themselves. Learning should always be a holistic approach as an educational institution we not only care about their personal growth but also give importance to our student’s emotional and social needs.