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The sprawling of massage, facial and beauty spa in Baguio city has been going on for years. It has become a must for working people and even students to relieve their stress through a very relaxing massage experience.

The traditional massage has been preserved since it is known as the most relaxing and effective massage technique. The spa shop also makes use of local aromas to keep the relaxing ambiance going for those who want to put their stress away.

Last December 2018, A&J renewed their partnership contract with HANDS Aesthetics, a massage and facial café located at 82 Lourdes subdivision road, Baguio city, near Bombo Radyo radio station and Quarry jeepney turning point. HANDS Aesthetics, established in March 2015, is a one-stop shop that provides almost everything we need about beauty and wellness. They provide massage services like Swedish, Shiatsu, Hot stone and Four-combination massage. For the hair, they have services such as hair coloring, Moroccan rebonding, digital perming, and more. For facial care, they do blackheads removal without any pricking, acne and blemishes treatment, whitening, anti-aging as well as extra services such as hair waxing and nail care services. They also have their own coffee shop which serves drinks and pasta. Their best-selling service is their Signature Massage, which includes the use of hot stones.

The said partnership benefits can be enjoyed not only by the students of A&J but
also by all their employees and staff. Two of the greatest benefits they can enjoy would be the following: Students will enjoy a 10% discount, while it will be 20% discount for employees on all HANDS spa services (except on their packages and promos), and they can also enjoy a discounted HANDS pick-up service (Php 150 for four people), from whatever pick-up point they are coming from.

Last April 15, 2019, two students from A&J namely Stacy (Korean) and Ronnie(Taiwanese) went to HANDS Aesthetics together with Taiwanese Marketing Manager Mei and Secretary Thea. The four of them availed the spa’s 3-hour package which includes a Geniune Finland Sauna, Coffee Body Scrub, Shower and their Signature Massage (which includes the use of hot stones). Taiwanese Manager Mei has a separate blog about their experience which can be read here: