School News


The morning test becomes a traditional subject in CNS2, it helps students not only improve their listening skills but also boost them to become a hard-working person.

7:20 am every morning, from Monday to Friday, students need to attend the morning test which is a listening test. Even though they just spend around 5 minutes to listen to one session, students can improve their ability in English listening

Normally, the morning test has two kinds of levels, one for new students and another for old students. Sometimes, when we have students who study ESL, we will hold a morning test which is a vocabulary test for these students.

After the morning test, students have breakfast or do exercise, which lets them have more positive energy before they start the classes of the day.

Even though we know how difficult to wake up early and to take a morning test every day, still we would like to encourage students to attend the test since it is useful for them a lot. Fortunately, most of our students can understand this and they do this Voluntarily.

Because of students’ goals, we always try to do our best day by day. We want to supply the best for our beloved students.