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Christmas decorations in CNSⅡ

It’s almost December, Christmas is around the corner!
Continuing from Halloween, teachers of CNSⅡ decorated our school with brilliant Christmas design.

Teachers made the large Belen and put it next to the library on the 3rd Floor. It might not be familiar to many Asian people, the Belen is a famous Christmas decoration around the Philippines as the country with many Catholics. It is depicting the nativity scene of Jesus Christ. The Belen which was made by teachers was brightly illuminated and it was very beautiful decoration.

Then, Huge Minnie mouse and a bunch of Disney characters appeared at the entrance of the classrooms on the 3.5th Floor. There is also the wonderful Belen, therefore we can feel culture and custom of Philippines here, too. Every student who was going to the classroom stopped for a moment in front of these decorations and they enjoyed them.

In addition, teachers put up the gorgeous Christmas tree at the Lobby and decorated the corridor with colourful plants. They invigorate us and make us try even harder at learning English.

Christmas is getting close and the end of the year will also be here.
Students are devoting themselves to studying while enjoying these Christmas decorations that teachers made with love. This event was a great opportunity for students to refresh.