School News


On October 29, 2019, BESA visited CNS Jr. at Naguilian Road. They recorded as they toured the academy’s features; the school has sufficient classrooms with ample lighting as well as a study area that everyone can use. Their library also serves as a dining venue in mealtimes where the students have to log their names before receiving their meal & choose from an assortment of food. After their meal, students can go down to the basketball court to play with their friends before resuming their classes.

An interview of the school’s students and Teachers proceeded in the afternoon where the team met two of the school’s enthusiastic and amusing students; Daisy & Adele along with their competent staff; Teacher Jemimah and Teacher Tess

The students were interviewed by their headteacher, Sylvia. The students discussed their experiences and preferences in studying at CNS Jr. and even performed a dance number during the recording. The video taking turned into a lively event with the children’s joyful faces and playful demeanor

Their teachers, Ma’am Jemimah and Ma’am Tess accommodated questions that described their career in the school and their advice to the students who want to learn English. They expressed reasons why Baguio is the Center of Education in Northern Luzon and why it is preferred by students.

CNS stands for CARE AND SHARE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SCHOOL, and was organized to provide young ESL learners with a quality education. CNS created a separate building for young students when they observed that not only university and adult students came but along with them were youngsters. Since then, the kid’s department had become responsive to the needs of the young second language learners and a new building in Naguilian Road was put up.

At present, Care and Share International Language School, Inc. is a premier school not only for young Koreans but also for Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese who want to learn English as a Second Language.