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The summer heat is gone, and now comes the rain. How does Pines International Academy deal with the fast changing season and weather? Well, Pines made sure to provide cool and purified air when the heat of summer hit big time. And this rainy season when windows are kept shut to block the rain, Pines comes in ready. With its fans and new air conditioners, students who are learning English won’t feel hot and suffocated. During rainy days, the moisture level is also high that having an air conditioner makes each room cool and have a dry atmosphere.

The air conditioners that come with remote controls are well-maintained, so the temperature can be adjusted depending on the weather and relief needed by the teachers and students. Come on, let’s check out the new and quality air conditioners installed on each floor of the main campus.

On the second floor, an air conditioner is installed inside the IELTS Test Center to give extra comfort to students taking the CD-IELTS or TOEIC test.
On the third floor, the air conditioners are situated near classrooms to assure air circulation that provides cool feeling even with the doors closed.

Finally, on the fourth floor, they are located in the corners so teachers and students enjoy the spring-like air around the campus. Because of the extra comfort that our air conditioners are providing, students are more focused and fulfilled during study hours. That is indeed an extra for us!

No matter what the weather outside is, Pines always sees to it that it provides a safe, homey and comfortable environment to its teachers and students. Pines makes sure that its students get the best learning experience through facilities upgrade. What else are you waiting for? Learn English in Baguio City, Philippines at Pines International Academy.