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Enjoying Lunch time in Jr CNS:
Let me give you a glimpse of a typical day in the life of a Jr CNS student:

Children are tasked to finish 5 classes in the morning. Their learning activities are done with ease and can be fun but at the same time, some classes are difficult for them to grasp. Studying tediously can make your stomach rumble.

When the bell for the 5th class rings, you will see the students raising up to the dining area to have a sumptuous lunch.

You can have your lunch serving as freely as you want.  Warm soup is served in their respective places so as to avoid spillage and unnecessary burns.  Designated teachers assist them in their needs.

Here are some pictures taken during our Kimchi making activity:

The chili powder directly imported from Korea is mixed accordingly to suit the children’s taste.  The children learn to enjoy fresh kimchi and instantly become a favorite.

During the camp season, the children get to have a taste of various viands.

Ripe kimchi/japchae/ ripe perilla leaves/stir fried fish/lettuce/pork barbecue/white rice
Freshly made chonggak kimchi/pumpkin pancakes/buttered whole kernel corn/spam/bean sprout/soup/white rice

Being apart from their families, we would like them to feel festive during family traditions like New Year’s Day or Chuseok and Thanksgiving Day so, we make extra effort to celebrate these festivities.

Bibimbap / Bean sprouts Soup / Ripe Chonggak Kimchi

Since we know that children are picky eaters, we have a wide selection of food to suit their taste while bearing in mind that we maintain a well balanced meal for everyone.  Also, a planned set of menu is prepared weekly so our viands are nutritious and non repetitive.
We also offer four or five different side dishes which are delectable. The children often gain weight during their stay with us and tend to have a good appetite.

During a student’s birthday, we start off by preparing seaweed soup for breakfast.  Some students prefer having light breakfast, so fruits and milk are staple food served regularly.  The simple egg dish is also given for the students who are used to having such in their homes.  Also, we always prepare porridge instantly for students who don’t feel well and have no appetite.

– Tteok soup / Pork barbecue / Bulgogi and Vegetable Brochette/ Japchae / Red Pepper Fried Rice / Injeolmi Tteok / Cucumber kimchi / yellow Mango

We believe that a well balanced meal will nurture the students’ improvement and learning.

After a sumptuous lunch, the students have some time for themselves which they can use for resting, chatting with their teachers and friends or enjoying each other’s company in the playground.

If the students crave for dessert, we spend the rest of the lunch break munching on sweets, cookies and ice cream or et. al.

Some students take the time to rest in their rooms or read books in the library while others prefer to engage in sport activities such as basketball, soccer, dodge ball, et. al. which is facilitated by their principal teacher which encourages the rest of the students to join in.

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated”