School News


HELP Education Group Inc. main campus in Longlong, La Trinidad, Benguet recently held a Fire Evacuation Drill under the supervision of the local fire department officials. The main objective of this drill is to make all students and employees aware of the different exits wherever they may be in the building in the occurrence of fire or other emergencies.

Part of the awareness is to know where the evacuation site would be. Thus, everyone in the building were guided from where they were towards the emergency exits and finally towards the evacuation site.

The drill started at exactly 10 AM with the sounding of the fire alarm. It was joined by all students, teachers and staff present on that day. Participants were in a rough number of 500. As you can see from the picture, all students and employees activity participated in this safety drill.

It was a well-coordinated activity since every person in the campus was accounted for. Our administration officers and school managers did their best to comply with this city ordinance. “We did very good but we need to do better next drill!” said Vicky, the school’s senior supervisor for support services.

Due to the large population of employees and students we missed the target time by 3 minutes. All is well that ends well! The next drill shall happen sometimes by 2nd quarter of this year. Do you think we can best the clock by then? Place your bets!!­