School News


On 31st October, as you know it was Halloween day!
Teachers of CNSⅡ prepared for decorating our school over several days with Halloween design.

A big mysterious tree with plenty of bats and spiders appeared next to the self-study room on the 3rd floor, and the picture of haunted mansion pasted on the wall. In addition, teachers designed it with particular lights, therefore students were impressed by the beautiful illuminations.

When students go upstairs and opened the door leading to the individual classrooms, a horrible looking lady and a huge ghost would welcome them. Teachers made them very carefully with using scraps of the paper and many stones,

The other side of this floor, there was a tree which was decorated with balloons, ghosts and Jack-o’-Lantern. That added colours to school life and made students who were going to attend their classes feel happy and brighter.
Furthermore these three ornaments were numbered in order students to rank and vote on small pieces of paper.

The decorations of Halloween that teachers prepared for several days were heart-warming. Students enjoyed Halloween in the school which was different from the usual, by taking pictures with these decorated ornaments and talking to teachers who were making decorations with excitement. This wonderful event gave a great time to relax to students who were tired of daily study!