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“I’m excited to take my IELTS. Are you?”

“Oh my gosh today is Friday!” shouted Peter, a 28-year-old international student from China currently studying in HELP.

“You sound excited about the weekend.” said Alex, his Japanese classmate. “No, I’m actually anxious about out mock tests later today!” said Peter.

Part of the student’s life while studying Advance IELTS Test Course in HELP are the weekly simulation or mock tests.
Usually on a Friday IELTS students must attend all mocks tests. From Speaking, Listening, Reading, to Writing. These tests are mandatory. If a student misses a test they are given a penalty usually a deduction from their weekly performance score.

Speaking tests are done individually. It is facilitated by a qualified IELTS teacher and it is strictly monitored and supervised by the course head teacher and campus manager.

Do you want to know why our students always achieve their target Band Score? Well, the rigid training coupled with 24/7 English Only Policy and weekly mock test are a sure way to prepare our student for the big day. Not to mention the confidence and strategies they gain from their daily classes and study routine.

Finally, the mock tests strictly follow the format of the actual IELTS test. As a result, the students feel less nervous on the day of the official test.

Oh! before I forget, HELP is also the official test venue of IDP – Australia IELTS.