School News


On Saturday, March 9, 2019, today is the day of the official IELTS exam.

Depending on the number of people who applied for the IELTS in Baguio, the test place usually changes. This time, the place was Baguio Holiday inn which is one of the hotels in Baguio City. The managers took our CNS2 students to the IELTS exam place in the early morning after having early breakfast all together.

We put priority on keeping students from getting nervous until they take the exam. When the manager is with students until they enter the exam room, they are usually less nervous, especially for those who have never taken an official IELTS exam before.

We are very proud of our CNS2 students who do their best to get a goal score for making their dream come true. We believe that all students get their goal score when they get a result.
Your success is our goal.
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