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Learning IELTS  in the Philippines is definitely a rewarding experience most especially when you choose the institution that will give you higher success rate! In this case, there are 4 reasons why Pines is the top choice when it comes to IELTS learning in the Philippines.

Early Year Achievements

Pines Academy has produced great results in its early year of partnership with the British Council. With 79 successful IELTS Guarantee examinees and 85% success rate since its 2017 launch, Pines is continuing to expand its IELTS Guarantee Program through providing its students the highest training quality.

Certified Teachers

Over 30 teachers have reached 7.0 and up average band. As score holders, Pines teachers give strategic and effective coaching that improves students’ test skills.

Everything is based on training and test experience. With the given numbers, it is no doubt that efficient IELTS training is held to guarantee the students in achieving their academic and professional goals.

Cambridge Materials

Up-to-date Cambridge materials and extensive mock test series are used to promote confidence for the official test. Through classroom-based exercises and regular mock tests, students can hone their skills and strategies for the official test.

Systematic Curriculum

Systematic curriculum has been tried and tested over the years and it is still being improved up to date. On the first half of 2019, Students’ over-all  success rate is 91%. This is a testament that our curriculum is delivering satisfactory results to our IELTS students.

Post Course Benefits

Students have claimed to have gotten post course benefits. After exceeding their target score, they have immediately landed on their desired job. Career growth is instant most especially for those who have an impressive score.  One of the benefits that our students are raving about is their over-all English skill improvement and this is very important on their post plan of traveling or starting out a network abroad.

The highest over-all band score that our student has achieved is 8.0. We are proud of this achievement because she is contributing good contents to the education industry in Vietnam.