School News


Today, I would like to explain to you the Monthly Tests we have here in Jr CNS Language Institute.

Monthly Test is a test to find out how much the students have progressed in their learning and what parts need improvement in the different test categories of Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.
All tests are conducted individually depending on the level of the students. While the tests become a burden on the student, it is a process which is necessary to enrich their English skills. “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it…it just blooms.”

Unlike anywhere else where the tests are simple, the Junior CNS Language Institute has a detailed test program.
These tests, which are a whole day activity, can help us determine how much the children have improved in English.
Depending on the results, a retest is conducted to measure English ability more accurately and comprehensively. With the Monthly Test, children’s ability is improved in the different facets of the English Language.


Fluency in the English language is gained through the exchange of conversations with the teacher and the student.  The teacher creates a relaxed atmosphere to lighten the mood and make the student at ease before a battery of questions is given and recorded making use of a camera.


In the picture below, the three children are our youngest students in Junior CNS.  They are listening in the audio and are concentrating in answering the questions.
Although there are some difficult questions, all of our junior CNS language school’s students are trying their best in accomplishing the listening task.


This is a time to evaluate your reading comprehension in English. Some students are drawing lines and circles in sentences, and they are all immersed in the material given to them.
The students may not be confident and have apprehensions but at the end of this activity, the teachers are satisfied with their output.


The children write in the English language and their writing ability is evaluated through the sentences they compose in the topics given to them. Some students are able to write down quickly, and others don’t know how to start and gather their thoughts.

Through the pre-test, they will have a chance to look back at themselves and recall how difficult it was for them at the start; and how easily they have transformed at present. Being conversant with the English language through practice is beneficial for them.

We know that the parents are most concerned about their children’s improvement; how well they have adjusted with the new environment, and how they are managing to cope with the teachers and the rigid daily activities they have.

Our Director personally consults with the respective parents of the children and answers their query and gives an update on the progress of each child.  During the camp, wherein we have more than 60 students – he does monthly counseling which does not only focus on his studies but also includes his general wellbeing and daily problems incurred during his stay with us.

Being hands on with the students, He personally knows what the children are going through and knows each one of them because he spends a lot of time with them.  He has this routine of going around their classrooms; taking the time to interact and play sports with them and reaches down to their level so they can feel free and be open about their concerns about anything and everything.  He is compassionate and empathetic to the children’s needs.

Since they put extra effort in studying for their monthly tests, they get contented with the outcome.  But for those whose efforts weren’t good enough, there will always be another day…

“You have to believe in yourself, challenge yourself, and push yourself until the very end; that’s the only way you’ll succeed.”
We will do our best for all the students entrusted to us.