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“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” –Diane Ackerman

aving fun is always a recommendation when learning a language. Pines- Evening Study Program teachers always make an effort to incorporate fun in studying English. The more fun the learning is, the more motivated the students will be.

On the previously held Night Owls English Marathon Contest, there were 14 teams that represented each option class (morning and evening). Four teams got the top 3 ranks with team 10 and 6 being in the 3rd place. Team 3 got the 2nd place while team 8, gathering the highest score, was awarded as the winner. Let the photos speak for themselves as spectators and contestants alike enjoyed themselves during the contest.



Yes or No. Contestants need to guess if the sentences shown on the monitor are grammatically correct or not. The fun part here is that if the contestants’ answer is yes, they needed to put their hands above their head. Though if the answer is no, they have to put their hands below their chin.

Intermission: Face of the Night

Of course our contestants need to take a break to prepare for the next round. For the first intermission, Mr. and Ms. Face of the Night were spotted by two of the night owls’ teachers.


Guess that word. From the title alone, you’ll have an idea what the next round is all about. The students are challenged to remember the vocabularies they have learned. Well, knowing the vocabulary is not enough but they must also get the correct spelling in order to score.

Intermission: Guitar Presentation

The students were serenaded by Guitar Heroes Kazu and Jackson. They were accompanied by their classmates and their teacher. You’re free to sing along with them…


Charades. With this last and final round, students need to guess the words that are being acted out by the three night owls’ teachers. Well, I must say this part is a bit difficult and exciting because you’re not just to guess a word or a phrase but also a movie title.

Memory Game

1. Lkhagvadulam,an international grand master of memory and Guinness Book of World Records

title holder, performed a speed cards memory game. She memorized a deck of cards in less than a minute! It’s really amazing to witness it first- hand. Mind you, it’s not magic.

Concluding Part

Awards were given to the English Marathon winners and the outstanding students were recognized.
Well done Nights Owls. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best in achieving your goals. <3