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Pines International Academy | “Muscle Hustle” – Perks of Studying English

How do we successfully learn a language? Is it through memorizing useful words? Perfecting the recommended grammatical structure? Always speaking with someone using the language? Well, there’s no absolute method on how you should be learning a language. One thing though for sure that most people would agree to is that fun is an essential part of learning.

So, how do students in Pines have fun? They participate in exciting games and join Zumba sessions. Well, not always. Anyway, teachers of Pines – English Study Program (ESP) are creative that they always think of new ways on how students can have fun on their extended learning hours. Let’s all see how they fared on the recently held Night Owls “Muscle Hustle.”

The Facial Exercise

Students were asked to find a partner and follow the instructions given by the Night Owls’ hosts. To make the activity clear, one of the hosts demonstrated how it is done. The first thing to do is to move up your eyebrows, next is to scrunch your nose and lastly, pout your lips like your kissing someone. Are you up to the challenge? Try it!

The Boat is Sinking

If not all, then maybe most of you are familiar with this game. The rule is simple: dance with the music while going around, and when the game master says, “Group yourselves into (15)” you need to form a group with that number. If you fail to do so, you’ll be eliminated. There’s a twist though, after forming the group you need to know the name and nationality of your teammates. Can you memorize 14 names and nationalities within 5 minutes?

Message Relay

What can you say about memory game? This one is not an easy task. It requires each teammate’s undivided attention. Focus. One teammate memorizes a given sentence and passes the message to the next member. This should go on until the last member gets the message and relays it to the game master. Some attempted to beat the clock, but it seems the message is a lot harder to relay than you think.

“I have three free throws left.”


You thought it’s already zumba time? Hold your horses first and let’s acknowledge those who excelled in their respective classes. Give it up for our outstanding students!

Night Owls “Muscle Hustle”

And the most important part of the event is….. ZUMBA. The students were warmed up from all of the activities they’ve gone through. Now, they are ready to shed unwanted pounds (just exaggerating). So, without further ado, let’s zumba!