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Pines students showcased their talents, and the outstanding learners were recognized during the Night Owl’s Night. The gathering emerged with Flower Festival themed party. Students bloomed like flowers and showed that they were at their best as English learners. With the new level of confidence, they were able to interact with other people during the entire night.

Highlights of the night included, Oh Changyoung’s romantic proposal to his special friend thru singing John Legend’s ” All of Me”.

Part of the students’ noticeable development was showcasing their talents thru dancing to the tune of  English pop songs. Youtuber Choi Hyukbeen brought the house to party when he performed “Gangnam Style” with  Koga Masumi and Matsumotto Asako, his  PPAP back-up dancers

The outstanding students were given recognition during the night’s concluding part.

Listening and Dictation Class
Listening Wizard
Batchimeg Tegshduuren

Vocabulary Master Class
Words Authority
Yu Pei Chang
Chihiro Nakata

Listening and speaking class
Listening Enthusiast
Chen Yi An

Guitar Class
Savvy Strummer
Saito kazutaka

Power Speaking Class
Speaking Maven
Hsuan-kai kuo
Kento Suzki

Intensive Listening Class
Listening Connoisseur
Yamada Rana

Practical English Class
Expression Master
Matsugana Junna
Ishida Saki

Most Diligent
Zhou Si En
Sato Takuya
Matsumoto Natsumi
Fuhara Ayano
Most Persistent
Nakashima Rino

The night was filled with exciting moments, and all students got cute tokens from the option class team!
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