School News


Every month, Junior CNS is having BPs and BJs alternately.  The new students are given ample time to prepare and present in our main events, BP and BJ.

BP = Big Presentation (Self Introduction, Favorite theme)
BJ = Book Jockey (Book report by selected books from students themselves)

After preparation, students will be able to complete their own script with the editing supervision of the speaking staff.  In the process of memorizing the script, the teacher corrects the pronunciation, intonation, accents, gestures, et. al; and will be able to build their confidence and honest presentation at the end of numerous exercises.They will spontaneously speak English using memorized expressions in any situation because they have practiced the presentation a lot for more than 2 weeks.  Also, they apply the sentences during their class time.

For example: This is one of the sentences in BJ script:

If a sentence is “Hello, everyone. Today, I want to tell you about the story of ‘The Lazy Poor Man’.”,
Hello, teacher. Today, I want to tell you about the story of my dream that I dreamed last night.
Like this way, they use the expressions at their class.

At first, they feel nervous and are trembling during the presentation in front of many people, and sometimes they cry after the BJ or BP because they are not satisfied with their presentation.

However, every month, they enjoy the presentation through this process and they are more confident to present it. Some students practice the BJ or BP until the script is torn. At the end of the camp, all students overcome the fear of the presentation with a lot of effort.

Whenever they finish the presentation very well, we feel that they can do everything, and we are very proud of them. We hope that they have built  great confidence in themselves with  the presentation after this camp.

We are looking forward to the growth and development of the children in the future.