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Star and Passion

In last week’s Night Owls Party a special guest attended the gathering to inspire the students to stay focused in their English learning and determine their passions in life. With the theme “ Starry Starry Night” presented by the ESP Team, Vietnamese Singer and Travel Vlogger- Quang Vinh graced the event and inspired Pines students to discover their potentials and become best in their fields. He also emphasized that knowing what one wants and working hard for it will surely lead one to success. He realized and got these insights while traveling.

Pines Superstars

The program started with Zumba making everybody release their endorphins for the night.  After everybody settled down, Pines Guitar Superstar T. Mayleene performed her rendition of the song “Lemon Tree”.

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One of the major parts of the Night Owls Night is the English lecture that aims to give students new information to diversify their speech through learning new expressions. Teacher Denjo and Amathea taught the students to use the expressions.

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Japanese student Charlie shared something new about Japanese culture through a traditional toy called Kendama. Charlie officiated the Kendama challenge with students from Mongolia, Korea, Taiwan, and China. Teacher Zaldy and Travel Vlogger Quang Vinh also joined the fun and aced the challenge.

Everybody was psyched that night and cheered to witness another guitar performance. Dan, who hails from Taiwan performed the song “Tears in Heaven”.  Japanese student , Toni also delivered her touching rendition of the song “Journey”.

Top Students and Star of the Night

Hard working and passionate students were recognized and here are the results:

Listening Wizard: Kobayashi Masahiro
Listening Enthusiast: Sim Gyuho
Speaking Maven: Sim Gyuho
Expressions Master: Duudee namuun
Words Authority:Park Jeongyeong
Most Persistent Student:Higashimura Takamasa
Student Japanese Singer Toni and Travel Vlogger Guest Quang Vinh both emerged as stars of the night!

learn english in the philippines

A concluding video was shown to remind the students that they are stars in their little ways.