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“An interview with Teacher Jay-R”

Teacher Jay-R: Okay, by the way my name is Jeric but they call me here in JIC as Teacher Jay-R.

JIC: And I heard that you are the most requested teacher.

Teacher Jay-R: Do you know about that, yeah I’m just surprised that I heard that I’m the most requested teacher but I feel happy about it.

JIC: What’s your secret behind it?

Teacher Jay-R: My secret most probably is to make learning as fun as possible and somehow put some humor in your class so that the class wouldn’t be boring.

JIC: Last question, what’s your message to your future students?

Teacher Jay-R: To my future students, never stop learning because learning is a continuous process. Always have the hunger for learning in your own different ways so you would always find studying interesting.

JIC: And oh! I have one more question. Can you give us very short hints on how to study English effectively?

Teacher Jay-R: I see… To study English is of course you have to know which is the most suitable learning strategy for you, the ultimate method is to have fun. You need to enjoy the process of learning the language.

Teacher Jay-R: I would also like to add simple tasks to enhance your English skill like maybe through watching helpful videos, listening to interesting audios or anything that would suit your learning style. It depends on you as a person as long as you find the fun in learning English.

JIC: Thank you so much.