School News


Every Friday, a weekly test needs to be taken by all students of CNS2. On this day, instead of group classes, Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading tests are held as an official exam.

From 8:30 am, silence must be observed around the examination rooms, so student must avoid chatting or talking loudly in order not to disturb other students who are taking the exam. This helps in maintaining a quiet atmostphere.

Each student will have a different exam schedule. Teachers will arrange a suitable schedule for them so that they do not miss any one-on-one classes and weekly tests.

Moreover, students need to attend weekly tests. If not, they have to be penalized by the management team. After weekly tests, on the next week, students’ result will be shown on the bulletin board. Depending on the result of weekly tests, students can realize their level and try to do their best for their goal score.

The special thing about weekly tests is that students can discuss their result with their one-on-one teachers. This helps students to improve their level day by day.

Because of students’ goal, we always try to do our best each day. We want to provide the most suitable things for our dear students.