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This was my first question when I arrived in A&J academy. Before, I had the experience of being a student in another language school. So, if I had to be a student again, I should wonder; Why would I choose this academy as my language school?

First of all, there are many advantages a student can have since the academy caters small class sizes.
Let me state one by one of these advantages. There is no doubt that teachers are well trained since A&J offers only the best quality service. Here are the benefits of a small class size and why A&J believes that it is an integral part of a world part of a world class education.

  • Each student gets noticed – In smaller class, it’s more difficult for students to hide and get left behind. Having fewer students meant that each one can get the attention they need from their teacher. They are also encouraged to take part in discussions and driven to express their opinion.
  • Better Results – It has been proven by research that in smaller classes, students have higher grades and perform better on their exams.
  • Learning is enhanced – Since it is a small class, the teacher can easily point out the weakness of the student. In this case, the teacher can find ways on how to develop those weaknesses.
  • Teacher can teach – Teachers are highly- trained. They have their own unique teaching methods on how to explain the lessons better to their students’ base on their levels.
  • Classes become a community – Teachers help the students to express well their opinions and ideas to build their self-confidence.
  • Opportunities to participate– Students have the chance to meet other students from other school to join in a friendly activity.
  • Focus in learning– After class students can use the classrooms freely to have their self-study.
  • More feedback– The former students recommend the academy to other students in their country to study English because of the things that they learned and what they have experienced. Also, the teachers and students became their family.
  • Students and teachers can work one-on-one – This allows the teachers to focus on specific weaknesses of the students.
  • Ideas are shared – Students enjoy best when they can speak out what’s on their mind without any hesitation. They are free to share their ideas based on their experiences and perceptions.