JIC offers comprehensive English language programs at both its GV and Main campuses. With a focus on high-quality instruction, diverse course offerings, and a supportive learning environment, JIC equips students with the skills needed for academic, professional, and personal success. Whether at the vibrant GV campus or the dynamic Main campus, students benefit from experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and a multicultural community that enhances their learning experience. Both campuses resemble small villages, complete with extensive facilities and amenities, allowing students to focus on their studies without needing to leave the campus.


[Main Campus]

Intensive Basic [IB Lite / IB Standard]Tailored for beginners, providing structured language learning focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and basic communication strategies for a strong foundation.IB Lite – 4 MC + 2 GC + 2 Night Tasks
IB Standard – 6 MC + 2 GC + 2 Night Tasks
Intensive Advance [IA Lite / IA Standard]Intensive Advance is for intermediate to advanced students aiming to boost language skills through advanced coursework, discussions, and targeted practice, enhancing fluency, accuracy, and confidence in English.IA Lite – 4 MC + 2 GC + 2 Night Tasks
IA Standard – 6 MC + 2 GC + 2 Night Tasks
IELTS StarterBeginner-friendly program focusing on foundational skills and strategies essential for IELTS success, enhancing proficiency across all test sections.6 MC + 2 GC + 2 Night Tasks
IELTS MasterFor advanced students, the IELTS Master program provides advanced training and practice to refine language skills and enhance test-taking strategies, ensuring intensive preparation for desired scores.”6 MC + 2 GC + 2 Night Tasks
IELTS GuaranteeThe IELTS Guarantee program offers personalized support and resources tailored for students aiming for a specific score, providing focused instruction and feedback for confident success.6 MC + 2 GC + 2 Night Tasks

[GV Campus]

ESL Starter [ESL7]Start your English journey with ESL Starter: tailored for beginners, fostering essential skills and real-life conversation fluency.4 MC + 1 GC + 2 OC (Optional)
Theme English Program [TEP8/TEP9/TEP10]TEP provides an immersive, flexible theme-based approach for beginners to intermediates, enhancing English skills through tailored one-on-one sessions.TEP8: 3 MC + 3 GC + 2 OC (Optional)
TEP9: 4 MC + 3 GC + 2 OC (Optional)
TEP10: 5 MC + 3 GC + 2 OC (Optional)
Working Holiday [WH8]Our Working Holiday Program seamlessly integrates language proficiency with essential life skills, ensuring a transformative experience for those seeking adventure abroad.3 MC + 3 GC + 2 OC (Optional)
TOEIC [TOEIC8]Our TOEIC Program offers comprehensive preparation, combining targeted exam training with foundational ESL education to ensure students excel in both test-specific skills and broader English proficiency.3 MC + 3 GC + 2 OC (Optional)
Speaking Master [SM8]Join our Speaking Master English Program for six personalized classes to rapidly improve your spoken English and boost your confidence in various settings.6 MC + 2 OC (Optional)
Business Master [BM8]Our Business Master program is a comprehensive course for dedicated learners to advance their Business English proficiency and excel in corporate settings.6 MC + 2 OC (Optional)
Active Senior [AS5/AS6]Join the Senior English Program for personalized language training, relaxation, and travel, with 3 to 4 daily one-on-one classes at a comfortable pace.3 MC + 2 OC (Optional)
4 MC + 2 OC (Optional)

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Facilities and Services
(Main Campus Facilities)
Nestled in a setting reminiscent of a cozy village, JIC Baguio welcomes students with its charming café and convenient mart located right on campus. The atmosphere is vibrant, with students enjoying recreational activities such as hanging out beside parasols for shade and relaxation, as well as utilizing the badminton court for friendly matches and exercise. Inside, the campus buzzes with learning in 1:1 classrooms for personalized attention and group classrooms for collaborative study sessions.
(Main Campus Dormitories)
The Main Campus at JIC offers a variety of dormitory options to suit different preferences. We have Single, Double, and Quad rooms, with the Quad rooms available in two types: Quad Loft and Quad Studio. Each room is equipped with its own refrigerator, study tables, and a personal safety box for each student to securely store their valuables.
(GV Campus Facilities)
At GV Campus, JIC provides a variety of amenities to enrich student life and promote well-being. The campus features a spacious student lounge for study sessions, a golf area for practicing drives, and a fully equipped gym. Outdoor parasols and seating areas offer comfortable spots for studying and socializing. Additionally, a mini-mart on campus ensures that students can conveniently purchase essential items.
(GV Campus Dormitories)
The GV Campus at JIC offers a variety of dormitory options to cater to different student needs. Our accommodations include Single, Double, and Quad rooms, each available with or without a balcony. Every room is equipped with a refrigerator, dedicated study areas, and Wi-Fi access, ensuring a comfortable and conducive environment for academic success. Additionally, during the rainy season, we provide dehumidifiers upon request to maintain optimal living conditions.

General Information

73 Del Nacia Apartments Upper West Camp 7, Baguio City
Student Demographics:
Japanese, Taiwanese, Vitnamese, South Korean, Chinese, Middle Easterner, Mongolian

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