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  • weekly test – CNS2 - Every Friday, a weekly test needs to be taken by all students of CNS2. On this day, instead of group classes, Listening, Writing, Speaking, and Reading tests are held as an official exam.     From 8:30 am, silence must be observed around the examination rooms, so student must avoid chatting or talking loudly in order not to disturb other
  • The renovation of a listening classroom. – CNS2 -   Today, CNS2 has caused a change in the Speech Laboratory (listening room). This is absolutely good news to students and teachers as well.   CNS2 is located in the heart of Baguio city, traffic noise cannot be avoided. For this reason, sometimes students are interrupted by the noise from outside. Understanding this situation, our management team tried to find
  • CNS2 Teachers decorated their profile board! - In order to make it easier for students to recognize the teacher’s room, Teacher s decorated their profile board in front of 1:1 class room by posting their pictures and names. From now on, after new students check their teacher’s name and room number on the schedule, they can easily find a room where they should go and have a

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The greatest pride of CNS II IS it is the first IELTS institute in the Philippines.

First institute to offer IELTS to professionals

CNS’s tradition and reputation are already well known to a number of students who want to learn IELTS in Korea, Japan, China, Australia and the Philippines (local).

The best curriculum and teachers

CNS II is specialized in IELTS. Our best study curriculum and teachers help students to get a good score in a short time.

IELTS has four sections. Focusing on only one section cannot help to improve your skills. It means it is necessary to organize all four sections at once and CNS II’s study program will help you do it easily. Some students do not consider pronunciation and grammar important in IELTS. However, we provide these classes as well. Because it is very important also. These are going to help you get good scores in the IELTS. By the statistics that we have, we have produced successful passers.

Cns2 intends to be the best IELTS school. We make use of our own resources and references and teachers who have extraordinary skills to teach. That is why we always strive for the finest and students trust CNS II.

IELTS is quite different from the ESL Course. so people who are not trained and competent cannot teach it even though they are native speakers. Each section of the IELTS requires specialized skills, professional knowledge, and experience. The IELTS is a qualified international exam in the many countries around the world such as America, Australia, England, Singapore and New Zealand.

One of our school’s advantages is 98% of students in CNS II come and study IELTS exclusively and get their goal scores. Thus, all teachers prepare to teach them according to their specific needs.

Good atmosphere

Even if Sparta schools try to provide excellent services to students, it is more important for students themselves to make the school the best place to learn with a good mindset and confidence.

So we also strive to provide the best quality of courses and create the best atmosphere to study to all students. this environment somehow tries to make them study harder without explicitly being forced by anyone. students will be convinced and believe it. We hope to be good partners to make both of you and CNS II’s dreams come true.

General Information

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Courses offered

PRE-IELTS course
This course is an IELTS program for candidates who have no IELTS background and those who have not met the requirements to enroll in the IELTS program. It is a basic course of IELTS

IELTS course
This course is an IELTS program for candidates who have IELTS background, have taken the actual IELTS exams and have met the requirements to enroll in the IELTS program. (around IELTS 4.5 and above)

Number of classes (50 minutes each class)
– 1:1 R, W and S (3hrs) +
– Pronunciation, Grammar, R and S group classes (4 hrs) +
– elective class (Listening-1 hr) or Special Class

Facilities and Services

Dormitory Room (Good for  2 – 3 students) Conference Room
Dining Hall Listening Room
Internet Zone Library