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  • EOP Patrol: Why Speech Discipline Matters- Here is a seemingly easy question: Should a policy of English Only be put into place in the English learning environment? At HELP the answer would definitely be “Yes.”, implementing the English Only Policy is an effective way for students to fully immerse English! To begin with, allowing students to speak other languages distract them from the task of learning
  • IELTS Mock Tests- “I’m excited to take my IELTS. Are you?” “Oh my gosh today is Friday!” shouted Peter, a 28-year-old international student from China currently studying in HELP. “You sound excited about the weekend.” said Alex, his Japanese classmate. “No, I’m actually anxious about out mock tests later today!” said Peter. Part of the student’s life while studying Advance IELTS Test Course
  • Learning, Working, and Living in Luxury: SHMS  - Date: February 14, 2019 HELP; IBT-Core & Innoven Contents Center, INC. Location: Bldg. 5272 (along CM Recto Highway), Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2009, Philippines The culinary and hotelier culture awakening in the previous years is not leaving anyone behind. When it’s obviously more than a passing fascination, maybe it’s time to give formal cooking and hospitality education a great deal

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Longlong Campus


Founded in 1996, HELP is the oldest and most trusted English language institute in the Philippines. HELP has been in operation for 23 years. The Long-long campus of HELP Institute is campus is a 7-storey-owned building, designed to conform with the geographic terrain of the lot to give it a more impressive and environmental beauty. HELP International Junior School, IELTS IDP Test Venue, and HELP headquarters, altogether, call the Long-long campus home and collaborate with each other to provide students a unique and premium education.

Since the embarking of HELP English Institute as the pioneering leader of the educational industry, HELP was the first to fuse dormitory with diverse classes to develop the educational market as a leader in the changing paradigm of English education from class oriented method to a lifestyle based Spartan methodology. The curriculum, which is strictly followed, ensures optimum learning for students.

As of this day, HELP Long-long Campus offers various classes from basic ESL course to test courses such as TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS. The time tested curricula of HELP optimize the learning environment for our diverse group of students. As yet, we are making great strides again to develop innovative courses including our Pathway Programs for more dynamic and promising scholars ranging from middle school students to young adults.


“We strive to lead a new generation of creative global leaders by educating and cultivating talented individuals from across the globe”.


  • To become the world’s leading school for the globalized educational program.


  • To educate, enrich and support students to become international leaders.


  • EXCELLENCE, Providing excellent education.
  • SUPPORT, assisting students to reach their full potential.
  • MOTIVATE, motivating talented individuals to develop their competence.
  • EMPOWER, Empowering creativity.

General Information

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Courses offered


Longlong Campus



Facilities and Services

Classrooms 147 Individual Classrooms
22 Group Classrooms
5 Big Classrooms
Dormitory Amenities 20 Single/Double Room
70 Triple Room
20 Quadra Room
 *all dormitory rooms include:
  1 Bathroom with hot shower
  Study desk and chairs
  Built-in Closets
  Dehumidifier (optional)
Equipment Gym
Convenience store
Computer lab
Basketball Court
Fully carpeted Movie room with built-in automatic viewing projector