For 3 months, I usually hear this announcement from the office. It makes me smile every time I hear this. They call student’s name for many reasons. There are may reasons for me to remember my once in a lifetime experience here in HELP Academy.

I remember my first day here. I had my placement test to be able to know my level before I attend my class the next day. I was so disappointed because I got a low score but my passion to learn English was like fire. It was burning!! I heard in Korea that this academy can help me to develop my English skill as soon as possible. I was so excited when I heard about this, so I decided to enroll.

In my individual classes, I had mixed emotions because I needed to do a lot of things. My teachers asked me to do many activities, but I couldn’t understand everything. Even in group class, I did a lot of activities like speech, food presentation and surveys. I was shy to do it at first because many people watch me. I felt like losing my face. Because of these tiring schedules and activities, it was so hard for me to wake up early in the morning! I didn’t have a choice but to attend class in morning. Most students look like zombies inside the room, but I think our teachers are so kind to understand our situation. Every end of the program, student should take QE test. This is to check if we improved our skills or not. I was Top 24 when I took my first QE test. It’s quite low so I did my best to level up. I was so happy to be on Top 4 when I took my second test! I was so proud of myself that time because it was a big achievement for me!

My experience in HELP Academy will surely be unforgettable. I was embarrassed, depressed, exhausted and confused but I’m proud to say that I survived! Here I am now, writing and essay on my own. I don’t have perfect grammar or English skill until now, but I am confident that I improved more than before. That’s all because of my teachers help, they didn’t give up on me. I am also grateful to meet many great friends here, they also helped me to feel better and happier during bad times. This is unforgettable experience! How about you, are you ready to accept the challenge and study here? If you come here, you won’t regret.