[About CNSⅡ]

Q. Please, introduce yourself.
A. I’m Eli from Vietnam. I am 20 years old and my current job is recording studio manager.

Q. Why did you start to study IELTS?
A. I started studying IELTS because I need an IELTS score to enroll in a university in Canada

Q. How did you know CNSⅡ for the first time, and why did you choose this academy?
A. Through an agency, I knew about CNS2.
And the reason why I choose CNS2 is because school only focuses on teaching IELTS, so I think CNS2 is an expert at IELTS.

Q. How about the learning environment in CNSⅡ?
A. CNS2 has a hectic schedule. Students have no choice but to study hard.

Q. What is your plan after finishing study in CNSⅡ?
A. I am going to have an official test in Vietnam. After that, I will go to Canada to study.

[About the IELTS course]

Q. While studying at CNSⅡ for last 3weeks, how did you feel?
A. I think all the skills have improved a lot. I learned a lot of important skills, especially in writing.

Q. Which class is the most effective to study?
A. I think all the classes were effective for me.

Q. As a Vietnamese student, what is the most effective point while studying in CNSⅡ?
A. Speaking and writing classes were the most effective for me as a Vietnamese student.
The reason is that I have more opportunities to improve my speaking ability. In addition, I could learn many writing grammar and writing techniques.

[About teachers]

Q. Who is your best teacher? And why do you think so?
A. T.Dino : He is a neat, active and passionate person. When he teaches, I can feel his passion.
When I have something I cannot understand, he helps me understand it by all means. And his teaching method is easy for me to study and understand

[Secrets to improve an IELTS score]

Q. What was your weakest subject and how did you improve this one?
A. Speaking was my weakest subject, so I tried to say as much as I could with my teachers and friends. Finally, I improved a lot.

[Tips for new students]

Q. Based on your experience, how about Baguio?
A. The weather is comfortable to stay. And it is not as crowded as Manila. I hate smog from cars on the street.