Time flies by so quickly that in a blink of an eye, my two weeks of studying English in Monol is finished. How about you, what have you learned in the past two weeks?

Learning a new skill is never a simple matter. But on the other hand, learning a language can be relatively simple because we have more practice by chatting. English is recognized as a very important language globally as well as a language that is easy to learn. Of course, I know people who just started to learn must have the idea of giving up.

Sometimes, I also really want to give up since learning anything as a beginner is particularly difficult. But, I really don’t want to stop trying. Giving up is an easy thing to do, but I don’t want to regret it the day after. The most uncomfortable feeling is not “I can’t do it” but “I could have but I didn’t.”

Classmates, if you love to travel and explore the unknown world, English is the key to opening the door to the world. Let us learn and keep trying together. In the future, you will definitely be proud of yourself!

The course I am enrolled in according to my level is the Basic Conversation Course (ESL) or Regular Speaking ESL. You may not know much about ESL so I will briefly introduce it: Monol academy has a total of 5 courses of basic conversation. For 10 semesters, I studied listening, writing, pronunciation, reading, and speaking.


The listening class mainly exercises your listening skills. This is done through playing the content of the textbook using a player. The teacher will be very patient to play the audio over and over again to let you understand its contents. Of course, in the case that you  really cannot understand, the teacher will help you by spelling it out letter by letter while also helping you remember the meaning of the word.


This course teaches you how to write an article in English. If you are at a beginner level, it takes a lot of time to learn. After all, English is different from Chinese and there are different tenses like past, present, and future tense. Also, homework needs to be completed every day. The following day, the teacher will correct your mistakes and teach you how to use the past and future tenses properly.

The class does not only improve your writing but you will also learn a lot of differences in English. The same words can have different meanings and various time expressions need to be expressed in different words.


The most important thing about learning English is pronunciation. Many of my classmates have worked hard on practicing pronunciation properly and of course I am one of them.  The phonetic symbol means you have to pronounce it a certain way. The position of the tongue is also very important as well as the relaxation of the mouth.

The teacher will teach you patiently and correct your pronunciation over and over again until you understand the standard and correct way. Of course, you still need to re-study and assess yourself. Which is why you should constantly go to class and strengthen your skills.


Haha! Reading! Here, you need to master a certain amount of vocabulary. To do this, you really need to read. If you encounter a strange or unfamiliar word, you can try the natural spelling method. Afterwards, you can let your teacher correct you. Reading mainly enhances your comprehension and interpretation.


The Speaking class is my favorite class. It teaches you how to ask questions and how to answer the questions correctly. Of course, the most interesting thing is that you can chat with the teacher in English.

It’s really useful if you talk about a topic that interests you because you will remember it more. The speaking course encourages you to speak English even if outside of class you do not dare to. In class, its comfortable speaking English with your teacher. You will learn a lot of ways to express yourself and be confident enough to use what you learned in speaking class after school. If you learn to communicate with your classmates often, then you will learn English faster.

Written by Ada