Hello Everyone, I have been waiting for you ^ ^ I am very much excited to share the topic that I would be covering today.
With all confidence, I can say that one-on-one lessons are the best thing that you can get at a language school in the Philippines.
One-to-one lessons are hard to find in language schools such as Canada and other European countries because it’s a huge burden cost-wise.
In any language school in the Philippines, you can enjoy one-to-one lessons that can greatly benefit your English proficiency.

First of all, do you know that Monol has a free one week trial?
For a week, you can experience all kinds of lessons, facilities, etc. and you can cancel the training anytime. It is a good example of how much Monol Language School has confidence in its education system and environment.
In my experience, I have not yet known anyone that has spent only a month in Monol and then returned to their home country or transferred to another language school.

Oh yes, and one more tip, if you are paying for the group tuition and you don’t like it or if you only want one-on-one tuition fees, you can pay an extra fee and change the group classes to one-to-one. I think it would be nice if you refer to it. ~
As I mentioned last time, since group classes are also fun and educational, it is best that you decide after you tried it.
Do not be afraid. ^^ ~

So let’s talk about listening and reading, which are one-to-one lessons in the regular ESL courses. I would personally like to give a big score to the composition of the textbook.
I think that the elements that are interesting in studying English are really important. The contents of the textbook are made up of contents that we might be interested in at one time, so we seem to be able to participate in the less interesting classes.
The listening lesson is a brief discussion with the teacher on the subject of your day to day activities.
After listening to the audio file twice in succession, the lesson will be based on your listening and understanding. The most important part of this class is Oral Summary and Discussion & Opinion.
I think this is the most difficult part to talk about from the sentences that I have heard, but I think it must play the biggest role in improving my English.
You can speak freely and confidently because the teacher will immediately correct the incorrect usage of your grammar and expression.

Next is the story about the reading lessons. ~
The lesson is done in a short time wherein you will be given the time to read and solve a problem.
Those who have studied TOEIC will understand the phrase ‘time is gold’. The most important part of reading is time. Through reading lessons, you will learn to read faster.

In fact, I think that reading class is a struggle with yourself. I think that the ability of reading depends on how much time you spend studying.
In the reading class, I also deal with pronunciation correction, grammar, and vocabulary based on the passage contents. I then proceed with oral summary, which I think is important. It seems that there are a lot of advantages in the in one-to-one lessons.

Written by Glory