Article by: Anthony Li

My name is Anthony Li from China; I am current studying Power ESL here at A&J e-EduDC Academy.
Learning English has always been a challenge, especially if you cannot express yourself and share your thoughts with other people. When I first came here in the Philippines I felt scared and nervous because I did not have the confidence to interact with other people. I found myself shying away from classmates and fellow students in the academy; when they use English to converse with each other.

A&J e-EduDC Academy helped me overcome my inhibitions with the English Language. Aside from my daytime ESL studies, the night group classes have supplemented what I learned and also provided a stage for me to express myself. All students who attend are given the opportunity to share their ideas, discuss their thoughts and gain new insights about the English Language. My pronunciation has undergone tremendous changes from being hard to make out to being audible and clear. Our night class teacher has given us the freedom to express ourselves by using simple, funny and at times serious topics to challenge our intellect and language skills. I have always been less confident when talking to native speakers because I was conscious with my grammar, pronunciation etc. but our teacher who happens to be a native speaker changed our mindset when talking to foreigners who uses English as their primary language.

The road to learning has always been long and full of challenges.  I have been converted from being scared of the English language to someone who is currently enjoying its intricacies and challenging aspects. English may have been one of my fears before I came here to study; now it can be considered as one of my strengths. Thank you A&J Academy for helping me grow and improve my English language abilities.