Why should I choose a small language school?

Why should I choose a small language school? This was my first question when I arrived at A&J academy. Before I had the experience of being a student in another language school. So if I had to be a student again, I should wonder why I would choose this academy as my language school.

In the past, my school was a medium-sized school, and the number of students there was bigger than here. Even though the school was bigger, there were still some problems that happened, such as the students who had the same nationalities always go out or eat together. Or students had some problems but the manager didn’t want to figure it out, because the manager was too busy to solve it. In the school which had about 100 students, I often felt that it was very difficult to have a good relationship with other nationalities students, even the managers with the same nationality.

“Although the people who have good relationships with you, there is still a distance between you both because of nationality.”

Many people come to a language school, there target is not only to learn English but also to experience the cultural exchange and make a variety of friends. At the beginning, I tried my best to communicate with everyone, over that time, I felt “even though I tried hard, there were many groups which would let you feel that you didn’t belong.” During the break time, you could have some conversations with them, but after all, you would notice that there was a distance between the two of you.

The first time I arrived at A&J academy, I thought I had to find students who had the same nationality like me for me to join them eating. But shortly after, I found out the academy treats each other like family so I totally changed my perception because I realized that in this academy the teachers, students and managers can hang out every weekend.

(Mixture of students who have different nationalities such as Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese including Filipino teachers and Korean managers)

“We can help each other because we are definitely close.”

Studying abroad, the troubles come easily. If your manager was busy or you weren’t familiar with him/her, you didn’t know who can give you a hand, especially your language ability wasn’t skillful. But in A&J academy, no one will let this kind of situation happen. First, you can easily find your manager, you don’t need to worry about anytime when you are in the trouble if you are alone. Secondly, every manager is willing to solve the students’ problems with patience, as long as the students try to speak English, academy’s staffs always do their best to help them. In A&J academy, everyone is positive to learn English, even if you are a shy person, you can enjoy speaking English as well. Why should I choose a small language school? Because you can have a great time studying here and making a lot of friends at the same time!