JIC: Let’s talk about your life in the Philippines. So how was your stay in JIC?
AKI: It’s good. Actually, I’ve been to another academy before; compared there JIC Cafeteria is better.
JIC: How about your experience with teachers?
AKI: All teachers are really enthusiastic and passionate, they’re really knowledgeable – even if I ask really difficult and tough questions they’re able to answer the questions.
JIC: Very, very nice to hear! How about IELTS? You’ve been studying IELTS quite some time here in JIC what is your impression about studying IELTS here?
AKI: Studying IELTS is tough but that’s what I wanted for a long time so I never get bored and I already have 6.0 now, I got 6.0 3 months ago in my previous academy then I want to go to Australia college and required score is 5.5, 6.0 is quite enough for me but while I’m studying for 3 months in here (JIC) it’s just challenging, I want to challenge myself. So, I want to break my limitation in studying.