For over 2 months of living at Monol, I had known many teachers and Filipino cultures. These teachers, at this time, become my friends to talk, share secrets, and bond with. Before arriving at Monol, I knew some comments about the teachers from students. If you think of it, studying for 5 days straight per week is tiresome, so it truly helps when my teachers encourage me to continue studying hard.

Kirstie and Rheniza are two of my kindest teachers. Usually, we exchange our secrets and experiences in life with each other. When I travel back home in China, I’ll keep our connection intact and the friendship we have.

Once, I got lucky to try a Filipino culture first hand when I attended the house church of my teacher (who also invites people of various nationalities on regular basis). I very much liked the place because I’m a space designer. I promised her that I’ll help renovating the building after my graduation. I am so eager to see that day.
­Another friend of mine is named Sam. He invited me to their house on his birthday and we ate local food, cakes and tarts. It was amazing!

Finally, there is this teacher I can consider as my mentor in life, Joener. Aside from teaching me IELTS, he really tries to understand me, helping me identify my problems and overcome them in order for me to go to a brighter direction.
Also, I hung out with other lovely teachers and I absolutely appreciated those memories.

I had a lot of experiences at Monol knowing that I have improved a lot, too, not only in my English skills but also on how to make friends with those who came from different countries and cultures. In my 3 months of stay here, my routines have changed, and I hope that these good practices will continue.
Neither too long nor too short was 3 months; but during this time, I had many incredible first times here. I was quite afraid at first, but I had grown loving this place. I do feel that Monol loves me in return.

I don’t want to be sad with nostalgia when I leave Monol. Everyone who comes here will have to leave soon. My advice is, don’t be sad for too long. Instead, keep on preparing yourself for the next chapter of your life. These memories will always remain valuable in our hearts.