Ql: How did you find ‘BECI’ and why did you choose us?
A : Actually, I didn’t find ‘BECI’,I just met ‘BECI’. I visited an exhibition in Seoul before to find suitable academy for me. At first, I didn’t want to fix my decision, but I was persuaded by manager’s words. Back then, I registered ‘BECI’ immediately.Basically,my priority was the weather. I really hate hot and humid weather,so I didn’t find any other places except Baguio. And I heard that Baguio is much better than other places for study. Some people say that Baguio is not good to play, but I think this aspect is the strongest point of Baguio. Therefore I choose Baguio city. And I was fascinated by BECl’s student ratio. Unlike other academies, Beci has a lot of students of various nationalities. Moreover, there were few Korean students compare with other academies. I thought Beci’s most of the factors were the best for study, so I choose it.

Q2 :Can you tell something about the course, its curriculum and teaching methods?
A : I registered Semi-Sparta course for 4 months. Beci has various courses,so all of the students can find their suitable course.At first,I have planned to change my course when I studied for 2 months. But I really satisfied with my course and my teachers. Every student has their own personality, so I think students should find their own course. For me, semi-course was the best. If I changed my course, I don’t think I could achieve my enhancement. And I strongly recommend night classes. If you are a sincere person, then you could take these classes for free.How reasonable! Isn’t it? Including night classes,there are so many ways to make friends and learning English at the same time. Like a guitar class or group activity! BECI provides diverse methods to learn English. So students can easily improve their English skill.

Q3: Are you satisfied with our facilities and services?
A: Yes,most of the facilities were pretty good. In class building, each teachers trying to make their own rooms are clean every day. And I never felt any inconvenience with classrooms. Other than that, Beci has an outstanding lounge. This lounge is the great place to self-study and rest. They have strict EOP policy,so students can enhance their English ability in the lounge. Honestly,when I entered my room first, I was disappointed. Because my room does not appear in the brochure. So,my room was a little bit different with my expectation. However,since I adjusted my room was really nice! Everything has pros and cons right? I lived in 1st floor.1st floor’s rooms don’t have balcony. That’s why I disappointed. But at last, I knew that 1st floor’s rooms are much bigger than other floor’s one. And BECI has the kindest maintain staffs.Even though I didn’t know their names,they tried to remember my name and every time when we meet along the campus they greets me. I couldn’t forget security’s facial expression when I say goodbye at the last time. I really miss them.

Q4 : Does life and study in BECI meet your expectations?
A: Yes, it does. I have learned and experienced more than my expectations. I expect that study without any enjoyable things. But there were so many nice friends and teachers. I keep in touch with them until now. I wanted to make foreign friends of course. However, I couldn’t imagine that can be a friend with teachers! Sometimes we went out together to have an experience about Philippines tradition or culture. It was awesome and unforgettable memories to me. And I could meet other local people also. So I can surely say that BECl’s life is totally wonderful.

Q5 : What advise can you give for interested students?
A : Do not hesitate. Be confidence. Do something drastically. These things are my regretful things.When you have plan to study English, just do it! Don’t be afraid! I really wanted to study abroad since 5 years ago,but I didn’t. I was afraid of cultural differences and financial things. But last January, I have been Hawaii to study English and my mind was totally changed. The world is vast. There are so many things more worthy than money. That’s why I studied in the Philippines this time. And if you decide that study abroad, do your best. I have seen many cases who regret about their behavior. Don’t be a shame person to yourself. However,if you choose BECI for your English, it will be the best way to enhance your ability.They will help you to be a good student!