We are Baba Tomohiro and Raimu Kohara from Japan. We are currently enrolled in A&J e-EduDC Academy’s Working Holiday Program.

Studying in a foreign country has always been difficult. Adjusting to a different climate, culture and establishing new relationships can at times be taxing to foreigners who are pursuing their English Language Studies here in the Philippines.
The Academy has a diverse student population sometimes difficulties can arise due to barriers in language and culture. Studying here in Baguio opened the doors to new experiences and enhancements in our current English skills. Interacting with our schoolmates and with the continuing guidance of our teachers has helped us achieve a lot; specially.

Experiencing the culture of a country has always been a great feat; especially for food. In the spirit of adventure we decided to try and taste the local street food at the Baguio Night Market along Harrison Rd. Our goal was to experience eating “Balut” or fertilized egg as well as “Isaw” Chicken Intestine, Barbeque as well as “Taho” or soybean curd pudding. We were amazed because we initially thought that our taste buds might be shocked due to the strange flavor but surprisingly we enjoyed most of the food we bought.

This experience has taught us to be more open-minded and sensitive to other peoples’ culture and beliefs. We also get to practice our English Language skills when we interacted with the local vendors. The bystanders were also amused and fascinated by our efforts to try the local street food.

Studying in A&J e-EduDC Academy has been tough and fun at the same time. We believe there should be a balance between hard work and leisure. Hopefully we get to experience fun adventures like these during our stay in the Academy. Our Journey has just begun, it may seem difficult during our first few days but we believe that perseverance is the key to success.